Horndog makes it easy to create interesting and engaging photos, invitations and social media posts by adding items to images. Add all kinds of horns, including Longhorns, Rams and Buffalo. Add a censored tag, kisses and more. Available for free from the App Store.

Horndog is for those who want to put horns on their dog or communicate their intimate desire by adding horns to photos.

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New Version

The latest Horndog is out and now you can make horny images and print them. Hmmmm. Who would you like to send an invitation to? Or maybe make them a poster? Take any image and add horns, kisses, censored tags, and text and then post it to social media or have it printed and mailed …

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New Version!

There’s a new version of Horndog that features a stronger text/meme making function, less advertising, and backgrounds for making collages and multi-image cards.  There’s also an upload feature so you can save images or text that you use frequently.  For example, you can save your url or email address and quickly add it to your …

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